26th of September, 2016 (Monday)

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26th of September, 2016 (Monday)
Me, not you
At least the censoring in the last panel is *believable*. (Not like a certain conveniently placed beer can on a dresser).
I knew it!
I figured and you called it lol
Kid Cthulhu
I think we all saw it coming a mile a way, but it's still infinitely funny.
You called it, Inkling07.
@Ghostforge, what beer can?
I can't tell whether Emi is trolling Charlie in panel 3, or if she genuinely thinks he'd look good in that dress.
I think a bit of both, she seems a bit oblivious, im the same way, i dont get humor nor sarcasm..... i laugh at random stuff, like a fish swimming LOL
@ERA He's talking about a scene from Evangelion where a beer can is used for censorship when someone runs out of a shower. Then, the beer can is removed, and a smaller soda can behind it is still used for censorship, implying there isn't that much to censor.
Rebuild took it one step farther by using a straw. It's funny in context.
Even worse, I've seen some comics censor the naughty bits using a character's speech bubble...
Dani Atlanta
I wonder what Ash is going to think of Emi. Is she going to be suddenly jealous?
I wonder if human AIs wear underwear.... Let's ask Charlie!
That first comment
She needs to talk him into wearing it. Or things get worse and he grudgingly accepts.
27th of September, 2016 (Tuesday)
Le commenter
Thank fuck. I was terrified this page would go down awkwardly.
She should have worn the red dress to begin with. The blood would have blended in much better.
Too bad he said no, this is truly a lovely dress =D
Modesty is optional...
If Ash finds out about this.... ^^;
Opus the Poet
I think when Ash finds out she's going to be more interested in Emi almost cutting was-'is-name's hand off than the fact she stripped in front of Charlie to change clothes.
28th of September, 2016 (Wednesday)
Cute dress. Charlie would look pretty girly in it. He's not ready.
Deof Movestofca
Looks like Charlie has two young ladies who are hot to see his bod in female clothing.
29th of September, 2016 (Thursday)
@SlugFiller I thought that, in the scene from Eva, behind the beer can was a toothpick dispenser. Implying even SMALLER.
I could be wrong, it's been years since I watched that series.
The Japanese version of Eva, it was a beer can, the American was a can of soda or nuts, even pills
30th of September, 2016 (Friday)
I guess we don't need censor-sheep on this one since his hands are doing the job...

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