Page 156 Date: 2014-12-19

"That's some great standing, by the way. Almost completely vertical. If Most Valuable Stander were a thing, you'd win it"
What is that round ball thing? Is that a pigskin? I thought they were playing football!
they're playing rugby.
Eirika R.
That's... encouraging. XD
I also just realized how strange it is that things like rugby balls and American footballs are called 'balls'.They're not even round (roundED, sure, but still not really a sphere shape). They're just... I'm not even sure what that shape is.
I know that in American Football, and possibly rugby as well, the ball originally was spherical in the earliest years of the game. But over time, the rules, and shape of the ball, evolved.
Totally thought they were playing soccer.
Thought they were playing football, at least they aren't playing Aussie Rules
Only dropping the ball twice? He is doing better than the Kangaroos :P
Opus the Poet
I'm reminded of a bumper sticker here in the States :"Give Blood, play rugby"
Is rugby really called soccer too? Because I think I heard the word soccer being thrown around and I definitely remember commenting on such.
Rugby is called footbal where football is called soccer
1. game shown here^ shown earlier.^
I think this has no right to be called football because they don't, well, kick it.
Well, in page 146, Ash is inviting Sam to join her "footy" team, and Sam mentions how "good" he is at soccer. Indeed we've seen him take a soccer ball to the **ahem** area a few pages before that. I guess it's safe to say that if they were going to play soccer, Ash wouldn't say "footy" team, but "soccer" team.
Australian football is similar to American football except better, in the uk football is football except foreigners call it soccer. Rugby is and always will be rugby... Untill Americans start a game involving using a foot to kick a ball and call it American rugby. That will probably be like a full contact version of "soccer" with Pugil sticks or something.
> I also just realized how strange it is that things like rugby balls
>and American footballs are called 'balls'. They're not even round
That's a coincidence, because I was just thinking how strange it is that testicles are called balls when they're not even...what? I shouldn't have gone there? My apologies.
Is it alright if I talk about nuts, then?
arg, too many games called football. DX
Let's just call 'em sports.

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